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From the 10000 square meters of 1967 to the 36000 of today, with 4 production departments, GGA provides a higher quality, optimizing costs and production time.

Partner of office furniture companies, GGA has a history of success since 1967. Born from the metal processing, later integrates, the painting plant. A past statements, through their experience, high level of technology, research and innovative instincts of its founders. A present that reproduces within the company all the production cycles for the construction of metal structures. A future that the new generation wants to create with their customers. Creating and marketing functional solutions tailored to a contemporary habitat, it is his mission. From contractor to manufacturer; desks for the office to those for contract and home. A constantly evolving company with a watchful eye on market trends and environmental issues. Products designed and built in collaboration with the customer, in compliance with the UNI EN, to optimize and flexible space available.


ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

At the end of 2001, GGA begins practices in order to receive the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 which gets on 2002 08.05. In 2004 decided to add the ISO 14001.